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 Da Ye Junior High School was originally named “Chiayi County Chung-Wen Junior High School.” On December 22nd, 1970 the Taiwan Provincial government authorized to establish “Chiayi County Chung-Wen Junior High School”with the implementation of nine-year compulsory education. In 1971, it was changed into “Chiayi County Da-Yeh Junior High School “with Mr.Lu Ming Xing as the first principal. Because the main teaching buildings weren’t built, the students were temporally educated in Chung-Wen Elementary School and Shiuan-Shin Elementary School. On December 22nd, 1972, owing to the completion of the teaching buildings, the students moved to Da-Yeh Junior High School. So December 22nd is the anniversary celebration of Da-Yeh Junior High School. All the equipments and all the other buildings were gradually completed until 1976. In 1982, it was renamed “Chiayi City Da-Yeh Junior High School” because Chiayi was elevated as the province-operated city.
 At present there are 40 classes in the school. The total number of the students is about one thousand four hundred. And the faculty members are about 100. The present principal Mr. Chang, Chin-Lung pays attention to the school affairs and inspires the students to fulfill their potential. Our teaching team is excellent. All the teachers show boundless enthusiasm for education. The students’ performances are excellent in all aspects. Under the leadership of the present principle Mr. Chang, Chin-Lung, the school will have a brighter future.