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Development Plans

1.School-based development committee has been set up to develop school-based plans and to make effort evaluation.
2.A happy and healthy campus is built. With attractively decorated classrooms, interesting learning corners and hinder-free environment, students can learn happily and healthily.
3.The plan of school as a learning center in the community is performed. The School as an organization of learning effectively integrates the resource of the community and actively reconstructs the whole community.
4.Students’ multiple intelligence and good manners are emphasized. As every student has his/her talents, flexible and remedial education is provided. Students often receive the instruction of democracy and of respect for others as well.
5.Teachers’ professional development is continued. Teachers can improve their teaching skills and knowledge by joining the workshop held in the school.
6.Integrative and suitable curriculum is provided. Through integrative curriculum, cooperative learning and cooperative teaching, students can enrich their knowledge.
7.The support from administrative departments for instruction is strengthened. The powerful support from administrative departments can promote the effects of instruction for teachers and students, and more confidence in the school for parents.
8.The functions of teachers’ session and parent teacher association (PTA) are improved. Teachers’ and students’ rights are protected through well-formed organizations.



 After the fulfillment of the development plans based on the school situation, community environment, parental willingness and the need of teachers and students, well-behaved junior high school students are expected.